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Spray Foam Insulation for Sustainable Buildings

If you are worried about maintaining a comfortable or rather a pleasant climate in your commercial commercial spray foam in the GTApremises, spray foaming insulation will be the perfect solution. Whether the climate goes too hot or chilling, commercial spray foam insulation can help maintain a pleasant climate by sealing your ceiling and even the external walls. It makes the building more sustainable and eco-friendly by making it more energy saving and reducing the greenhouse gases. It has become the most efficient way to keep the building weather proof, thereby increasing the durability of the building and making it more energy-efficient. Not just the buildings, even some commercial equipment like motors, trucks, containers, pipelines and water towers can benefit from commercial spray foam insulation. It also ensures better air quality inside the building. If your building is near chemical factories or high-traffic areas, the air quality may be very pure and spray foam insulation can keep away the harmful chemicals from entering your building. They are easier to install and cost effective too.
Spray foam insulation can keep the conditioned air from escaping your building premises and also avoids the unconditioned air from entering the building. This makes the building as well as the air-conditioners very energy efficient. The polyurethane spray sets fast and even expands a little which takes care of the cracks and holes in far flung areas which are difficult to reach. It is quite cost effective too which makes spray foam insulation one of the most preferred sealants for your commercial buildings.


Where all can you use Commercial spray foam insulation?

The applications of spray foam insulation are boundless in the commercial sector!

· It works as a ceiling sealant that keeps away water seepage. It also helps maintain the internal temperature and air quality inside the building, be it an office or a retail space. Toronto Spray foam insulation company finishing a commercial job

· It works as a sealant on the exterior walls protecting the insides from temperature variations and water.

· You can use it on trucks carrying temperature sensitive products such as milk, frozen items, vegetables, flowers, fruits and even medicines.

· You can use it to coat large containers that store temperature sensitive chemicals and even water.

· Coat the pipelines that carry hot or cold water to prevent losing or gaining temperature on the way.

· In water towers, to prevent water from getting too hot or frozen during extreme climate conditions.

These are only some common places where spray foam insulation is commonly used. It can be used anywhere for preventing energy loss and air leaks. Sometimes they are even used as sound insulators.

How is spray foam insulation done?

Spray foam insulation requires special protective gear and trained people to be done perfectly or else it will leave some gaps which will result in ineffective sealing. Spray foam insulation can be done in 2 ways – Open cell foam and Closed cell foam. Open cell foam is less expensive and it uses fewer chemicals. It provides good air insulation though it does not provide as much good water insulation. It is much softer and like a sponge and hence, used for sound insulation and for interiors. It will not perform well for exteriors. Closed cell foam is denser and is a better sealant. It is the preferred sealant for outdoors and roofs, though it can be used interiors also.

What are the benefits of Spray Foam Insulation?

Commercial spray foam insulation provides a whole lot of benefits including weather protection and better energy costs. Here are the major benefits you get from spray foam insulation:

  •  Helps maintain a pleasant temperature indoors. This results in lower costs of cooling / heating as the indoor temperature is retained longer.
  • Helps retain conditioned air indoors and seals the unconditioned air from entering indoors. This keeps you away from air pollution and dust.
  • Keeps the pests away in the outdoors by sealing away the gaps on ceiling and walls.
  • Does not let mold and fungi grow indoors by restricting humidity
  • Acts as a barrier against fire and smoke from outside. This is particularly helpful when used with oil pipelines and ducts inside the home. If the foam insulation is used as a sealant it blocks oxygen and hence, acts as a barrier against fire too.
  • Noise levels are considerably reduced with no gaps in ceiling and walls.
  • Energy efficient commercial spaces create energy efficient societies.

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