Basement Insulation in Toronto

Basement insulation; all you need to know.Toronto Spray Foam insulating a basement

If you consider that the walls of your basement contribute up to 30% of heat loss, you get a picture of how vital basement insulation is. Whether you want to use the basement as storage or for recreation, insulation will always solve the problem of dampness and energy inefficiency.

Everyone wants a comfortable environment to live in, one that is cheap to run. It is possible to achieve this by having your basement insulated to keep out the elements and lock in the conditioned air.

Benefits of basement installation

According to the Canadian Government uninsulated basements are one off the biggest contributors to energy loss in homes. Insulating your business helps you to achieve energy efficiency. The wall insulation ensures that your Air Conditioning system does not keep running by ensuring that the outside temperatures are kept out.

Basement insulations have water proofing qualities that ensure your basement stays moisture free thus eventually avoiding dangerous mildew and molds. By this, the longevity of your basement walls is enhanced.

Installing insulation on your basements will also help keep away rodents and other small animals like snakes that may creep into your house.

Interior or exterior basement insulation.

Basically, Toronto Spray Foam does basement insulations either from the outside or the inside. Outside insulation can only be done when the house is under construction. Insulation done on the outside is the best for energy efficiency. However, for the sake of home improvement, inside insulation is the most practical and cost effective option.

Though it is easy enough to be undertaken as a DIY project, interior insulation requires professional handling to guarantee desirable quality.

Insulating a basement in etobicokeTypes of basement insulations.

Materials for basement insulation are packaged in three main forms.

Rigid form insulations are the best option for many homes. The reason being polystyrene (XPS), makes for an awesome moisture proof insulation. XPS raises the thermal barrier, which makes the home warmer. Since it is thin, it requires less structural support and is ideal for limited spaces and unfinished basements. It is important to use a drywall covering since Extruded Polystyrene is highly flammable.

Rolls, batts and blankets are a more flexible and cost effective type of insulation as compared to rigid form insulations. These are made from fibrous minerals into wool or fiberglass. However, this kind of insulation takes up a lot of space. There is also a lot of cutting to ensure that the material fits in to the space properly to avoid seepages.

Spray foam or foam-in place is where a special type of foam with insulation qualities is sprayed on the wall. There are basically two types of foam-in-place insulations. These are open and closed cell foam insulations. The open cell foam is bulkier than the closed cell which is spongy and more widely used. Spray foam works perfectly as an insulator because it is able to seal holes, cracks and other such spaces that may compromise insulation. Spray foam is also long lasting and eco-friendly.

Tips for effective insulation.

· It is not always advisable to use plastic vapor barriers. We believe that proper installation of basement insulation removes the need of having a vapor barrier to deal with moisture and airflow issues.

· It is good to ensure that there is space between fiberglass insulation and concrete to prevent mold or mildew.

· Fiberglass is always ideal for finished basements. It is not only easy to handle but also cheap and easily available.

Finding the right basement insulation company.

· There are so many basement insulation companies which makes getting the right one a tall order. However, getting the right one isn’t hard if you look out for the following.

· Certification of competence from relevant regulatory bodies.

· Insurance cover for technicians will ensure that you are not liable for losses that occur due to work related accidents.

· Professionalism in the way a company handles you as a client speaks volumes. Professional service providers maintain proper lines of communication and are always committed to giving you satisfactory services.

· Value added services that ensure you get what you pay for. Such include after sales checks, free quotes, site visits and expert advice.

Wrongly installed basement insulations are not only costly but they may also pose health hazards. Get it right by enlisting services of a credible, experienced and highly trained basement insulation Toronto service providers. Check out our garage insulation service, and our service areas.

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