Attic Insulation in Toronto

It’s Time To Upgrade Your Attic Insulation When…

When your home’s insulation deteriorates or becomes weak, huge problems can plague your entire house as well as your family members. From rising energy bills and sweeping drafts to changing temperatures and pests, these are just but some of the issues that will arise in your home which will make living there more stressful than it should be. Thus, if you are experiencing any one of the listed problems below in your Toronto home, it’s time to consider getting a new or updated attic insulation.

Toronto Spray foam finishing a residential attic insulation1. You have varying indoor temperatures

If your home’s indoor temperatures are constantly changing, that’s a definite sign that a replacement or upgrade of the insulation in your attic is needed as soon as possible. That’s because a shift in the insulation in the attic areas will give way to heat or cold into your home thereby sabotaging the cooling and heating system indoor regulatory capabilities.

By adding additional insulation to your attic, these issues can be easily fixed, but in most cases a total replacement may be necessary.

2. You have increased energy bills

When you also start noticing that your energy bills are high, this is a sure sign that your insulation is due for replacement or upgrading. That’s because inadequate insulation or total lack thereof in the attic often leads outdoor weather to creep into your home. In fact, in summer, your air conditioner may have to work twice as hard to regulate the indoor temperature which will mean high energy costs.

3. You have a pest infestation

If snakes, squirrels, mice, rats, bats and opossums have become new members in your humble aboard, it’s time to replace your insulation. You do not want to get rid of these pests only to come back later and find that they’ve left grime and feces all over your insulation. In fact, some of them may have left their babies hidden there. Thus, if you want to eliminate them altogether and don’t want to see any evidence of these pesky little fellows in your attic, it’s best that you inspect the area after the attic padding installation.

4. You have wet insulation

If your home’s insulation starts becoming damp, sopping wet or moist, there is no way to salvage the material – replacement is necessary. The absence of vapor barriers, blocked vents or a leaky roof can cause your attic to become wet. Moreover, not only can this lead to mold infestation which releases hazardous mycotoxins into your home’s air, but the moisture will make the insulation less effective. That’s because the little air pockets which are instrumental in restricting or trapping the air and regulating the temperature will be plugged with water thereby rendering the insulation useless.

commercial attic insulation in Toronto's west end5. You have indoor drafts

If your last home contractor did a poor insulation job, drafts will enter your home. When there isn’t adequate restriction of the outside air and the inside atmosphere, you can rest assured that colds drafts will penetrate through. Therefore, if you notice the existence of drafts in your home, even after you’ve closed all the windows and drafts, it’s time to inspect your attic lining for possible faults and get them repaired or upgraded as soon as possible.

6. You see signs of aging

If you have an older home, the best way to determine the quality of the insulation is to have a feel while wearing gloves. If any of the insulation has a firm texture or has crumbled, then it’s safe to say that its prime has elapsed, and it is best that you get an upgrade to continue enjoying the numerous benefits of a new one that a professional home spray foam contractor has installed.

Overall, if you want to go green, attic insulation may be the one and only way to do it. In addition to eliminating the issues outlined above, you will be able to have a better hospitable home and also add value to your humble aboard. Thus, ensuring that this sensitive project is handled by a professional is accomplished is paramount and we at Toronto Spray Foam Company offer this service with utmost professionalism. Not only do you get the best, but we also check to ensure that any lingering pests that were present are no longer there so that you and your family members can live happily. Check out our basement insulation service and the areas we service in the Greater Toronto Area

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