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For over a decade Torontosprayfoam.com has been proudly insulating residential and commercial buildings in the North York area. We specialize in both open-cell and closed-cell foam. Our network of contractors follow all the building codes in Ontario and are proud members of Canadian Urethane Foam Contractors Association ( CUFCA).  At Toronto Spray Foam we take time to understand your reasons and options for wanting to insulate your house or business. Our FREE CONSULTATION ensures you get a chance to talk to our team before making a final decision so we can discuss all the options you have and to better understand your unique situation.

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Benefits of spray foam insulation for your home in North York ON

Polyurethane spray foam insulation can be applied much faster than other insulations because of the spray foam gun that shoots out the raw material in a semi-liquid form. This means you can get the job done quicker and start living in your home sooner than conventional insulations. Spray on cellulose insulation can get into all the nooks and cranes of your home to create a tight seal with ventilation in the desired locations. Space is saved in small attics that can be used as storage as well.

Energy bill reduction in North York has always been largely associated with proper insulation. During the hot summers your air conditioner works more using more power to keep the temperature down and in the winter heat is trying to escape through cracks and crevices. Foam doesn’t allow for this transfer of heat and creates a radiant barrier. It’s R-value is the best compared to any other insulation type on the market today. There are different densities which allows for specific needs to be met by the home owner.

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Residential insulation in North York has been revolutionized with the somewhat new technology of polyurethane foam insulation. This material has become the pinnacle of home insulation types as the industry is literally making leaps and bounds, some cities are even making this stuff code! Some states and provinces even hand out home insulation grants because of it’s efficiency and ability of turning a once “leaky house” into a green home insulation that is air tight. For these reasons, we think that this is the best home insulation product out there.

Best spray foam insulation professionals for commercials buildings in North York

Spray foam insulation is rapidly becoming the choice for many contractors of commercial buildings in North York ON and for good reason. There are many negative factors that can affect the durability of a building and foam cellulose insulations R-value can help control those. Designers of buildings now have much more flexibility in their designs because of the expandable foam insulation spray, new shapes are no longer not achievable such as foam loft insulation.
Construction time is reduced because of the multi-purpose nature of the this type of insulation. Caulking, taping and sealing are all eliminated because of the vapour barrier qualities of closed cell spray foam. It can be applied to multiple surfaces and has a wide range of applications. Exterior foam insulation, basements and foundations, crawl spaces and attics, wood or metal framing, it’s applications are limitless.

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Best types of spray foam to insulate your house in North York Ontario

The best choice to insulate your attic  in North York ON or anything else for that matter is polyurethane spray foam. There are generally two types those are open celled and closed cell. Open celled has a lower R-value than closed cell at around R-3.9/inch and does not act as a vapour barrier, whereas closed cell has a higher R-value of around R-6.8/inch and acts as a vapour barrier when installed with at least a 2″ thickness.


Polyurethane open-celled foam differs from closed-cell foam in that during expansion and curing the gas in the mixture gets released and leaves a “hole” in the cell. This releases the gas which makes the material less rigid and less resistant to water or vapour. This tip of cell foam insulation has no trapped gas bubbles in it and so does not have to be as strong and makes this type of foam less dense.

Affordable open cell spray foam insulation in North York Toronto


High density insulation also known as closed-cell insulation, has trapped gas bubbles that are formed during the curing and expansion of the foam. These high density polyurethane foams have a higher heat insulating capability because of these trapped gas cells. They also act as a vapour barrier as the closed-cell nature is stronger as well as vapour and water resistant.

When in the right hands and properly installed, any of the two foams will behave as a perfect air sealer to any attic bypasses. Convection will also be completely eliminated as air cannot pass through foam insulation, it creates a radiant barrier. The only drawback is the price, due to the equipment used to instal the foam; spray foam gun, materials (polyurethane, soy etc) protective gear and skilled labour, the cost goes up.


Reliable closed cell spray foam insulation in North York

Where to apply spray foam insulation ?

Spray foam insulation is a multipurpose insulating material that has very practical uses in all areas of the house.Spraying the  walls is ideal because of it’s ability to stop warm or cold air from leaking through, crawl spaces, ceiling etc. Polyurethane roof insulation is also a very practical solution as 25% of all heat in a home tries to escape through the roof. Likewise spray on ceiling insulation further re-enforces that heat from escaping through the ceiling, basement and garage and ultimately out of the house.
Walls make up %35 of heat loss making it the most important when it comes to insulation. Internal wall insulation is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about heat or cold loss, however in older constructed buildings, sometimes there are no cavities to fill. This is where external wall insulation should be considered.  Here at Toronto Spray Foam we offer a wide variety of choices and we always offer a FREE CONSULTATION for all of our prospective clients.

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