Why you need a spray foam insulation company in Toronto

Top reasons to hire a good spray foam insulation company in Toronto

The last thing you’d think of doing during a slow economic time would be to drop a lot of money on a home improvement. However, if that project would present you with savings that would start as soon as it’s installed, and save you hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars a year in savings, who wouldn’t consider it? I think the answer is clear, that it’s a great idea to consider! Learn more about the costs involved with spray foam.

Spray foam insulation stops heat loss by filling all the crannies, nooks and prevents drafts  which in turn saves you money. When the conditioned air inside stays inside, the amount of savings throughout the year can drastically add up. Unlike other insulating materials, spray foam doesn’t deteriorate performance wise, and therefore doesn’t need to be replaced over time.

best spay foam insulation companies in Toronto

Here are some reasons you should consider having a company come and spray foam your home.

By hiring professionals, you’ll have experts who have been doing this and are excellent at creating that perfect seal which will bring down those utility bills. A DIY project can have severe complications down the road which could end up costing you more money, it’s best to get the job done right the first time and enjoy massive energy savings for years to come.

Strengthens the studs in your walls adds structural strength to the entire building. The rigid foam that is created once cured will tie the whole structure together. The wet spray foam “sticks” to every last crevice wet, and then expands and hardens and unifies the different structural elements to walls. This reinforced wall will have no gaps and will be improved at protecting from strong winds and dangerous climactic conditions.

It also reinforces your homes structure. It will help your existing home last longer is it will add to the integrity of your home structure. Though this is appealing, its also the durability it has a material, where fibreglass would require replacement after several years. Spray foam insulation has no loss of performance as time goes on. When installed, it is generally quick and doesn’t leave behind any waste or residues. Also it doesn’t negatively affect the ozone.

Bring the noise down in Toronto

A quieter home will be much appreciated if it’s located on a busy street, or if there’s more than one person living in the home. Yes it is very efficient at stopping air from travelling through walls, but it’s also a very good sound dampening material. Sound will have a hard time travelling through your home if you have it spray foamed. A quieter home is a more relaxing home, and whatever is going on outside of your home, the inside will always maintain a twenty decibel lower sound than the outside.

A big reason to get your home spray foam by a company is to significantly improve the air quality of your home. By hiring professionals, they’ll get the proper seal you need to keep pollutants out, such as smog and pollen. By removing just these two air born components will dramatically improve your health. The material also works as a vapour barrier that will keep moisture out and will keep mold and bacteria that often cause disease

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Spray Foam Insulation Cost in Toronto

Low Cost Spray Foam Insulation in Toronto

Spray foam insulation is applied on walls, roofs and on surfaces with contours and in corners with the aim of creating an air tight ceiling barrier. The two most common types of spray foams are made from polyurethane and are referred to as open cell and closed cell spray foam.
When it comes to costs and prices, every investment if your house or premises will sure cost you a certain amount of money, but not all those investments presents you with a chance to save money. Saving some money that is spent on bills is very possible with the use of spray foam insulation. This are some of the costs that should be considered as future investments, especially for residents of Toronto. The cost of spray foam insulation depends on the the type of spray foam used and the amount that is applied. You can choose to insulate your whole house or just a part of it.
Spray foam insulation is a good alternative to fiberglass insulation during constructions or construction plans. The foam used in this insulation method is expandable and is easy to spray on existing wall cavities onto a roof or during construction.

affordable spray foam insulation in Toronto

Cost of Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation

Open Cell spray foam has a density of half an lb per cubic foot and an R-value of R3.5 to R3.6 per in. The R value, also referred to as the thermal resistance is determined by the foam density of the spray such that the higher the density of the foam, the higher the R value. The role of the R-value in the insulation process is to show the resistance of the material to the heat flow. It is important for this value to be high because this will result in a greater resistance too. Open Cell foam spray has a lower density as compared to that of it’s counterpart, the closed cell spray foam and it is not resistant to vapor. When used in the attic and cool temperatures, is is advisable that the spray be applied together with vapor retarding paint. The cost of the R6 foam ranges between $2 to $7 per square foot.

Cost of Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation

On the other hand, the closed cell spray foam has a density of 2lb per cubic foot. It’s R value is R6.5 per in. It is used on ceilings, walls, roofs and under tabs. This type of insulation is the most expensive among the two, but the high price is justified by it’s quality. The cost of insulation using this spray foam ranges between $1.75 to $3 per square foot. When applied in the right way, this spray foam gives better results that any other method of insulation that is available in the market. Looking at the air exchange, this method of insulation gives an excellent barrier. It is also very effective for repelling moisture from the inner walls of the house. Closed cell spray foam increases the strength of the ceiling, roof or wall structure with glue like tenacity.
The cost of spray foam insulation can also be calculated per board such that, open cell spray foam costs ranges between $0.44 to $0.65 and the closed cell spray foam cost ranges between $1 to $1.50. The average cost for professional installation of spray foam is $2,021 for most companies in Toronto Canada. This amount varies depending on whether the structure being insulated is newly constructed or renovated. All in all, finished homes are not very good candidates for insulation. However, they make excellent candidates for an energy audit or weatherization.

Measuring the Thermal Resistance (R-Value)

During spay foam installation or any other type of insulation, the R Value should be the basic part of your decision. However, it is important to note that the loss or gain of heat can occur in many ways, therefore measuring insulation through the R-Value alone is not always the best way.
Spray form of polyurethane does not effectively guaranteed prevention of all methods of heat transfer from taking place. Instead, you should consider heat conduction, radiation, convection, air infiltration and intrusion and the amount of moisture accumulation. These six mechanisms are the key determiners of the effectiveness of the insulation.

DIY Foam Insulation Costs

You can choose to install foam insulation on your own using kits from the brand of your choice. The average price that you should budget to cover about 200 square feet with a foam insulation kit ranges between $300 to $600, which is about two or three kits. When you purchase these kits, you will find a foam made up of two liquids referred to as Icynene, which are heated then pushed through a gun on the can. The cost of installation might seem minimal when you choose to do it yourself but if you are an inexperienced installer, you will find it difficult to evenly spread the foam over a surface.
Missing some spots or leaving some holes can lead to cold air getting into the structure. You can proceed with the insulation project if you intend to deal with small projects such as installation of foam in a crawl space. Other large projects such as the basement, attic or garage should be lefts for professional insulation contractors who have the proper equipment and efficient knowledge background. They are in the best position to properly price the insulation project, whereas you could incorrectly budget for the insulation project and end up loosing more money in the process.

open and closed cell spray foam cost

Insulation Cost Difference for Existing and New Homes

There is a very big price difference when it comes to insulating a new home versus insulating a relatively older home in Toronto. Insulating a newly constructed house is much easier because the insulating contractor can work effectively to ensure that the insulation is designed for optimum protection against utility costs, heat transfer and sound. On the other hand, installing spray foam insulation on a much older home especially those that contain an existing insulation can cost more and require more time to install. Weatherization and energy audit are the most recommended for such kind of homes.

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Need to insulate your existing walls?

Spray foam Injection insulation is the way to go if you need insulation in existing walls. There’s no need to tear down a in tact wall only to insulate and then rebuild. You can either fill the cavities from the inside of your home, or you can blanket your home by injecting into the outside cavity. Spray foam is the unbeatable choice as it has other properties other than insulation. It also acts as a sound dampener, mold proof and a fire retardant. Spray foam insulation gets into all the nooks and crannies and creates an air seal not achievable by other insulating materials. It has no odour and is hypoallergenic all while sealing up holes and cracks that allow for conditioned air to escape.

The use of spray foam isn’t only limited to walls however, attics, floors and attic spaces can all benefits from spray foam insulation. The way in which you use the spray foam in the attic is dictated by the buildings design. In a traditional vented attic, insulation is normally installed in the floor to insulate the ceiling from seasonal cold or heat. The remainder of the attic is not touched and vented through the vents in the structure of the roof. We want to be your service provider and give you the insulation that you are looking for.

Our product is also an excellent noise dampener, it’s environmentally safe, great for retrofitting or new construction, it doesn’t compress or settle, it can insulate mortar joints and has on thermal degradation.

Best spray foam for existing walls in the GTA


Spray foam insulation is far superior to other insulation material available today. There are many reasons, here are a couple of examples. Firstly the application method, spray foam fills every cavity and cranny and then expands creating a very efficient seal which stops drafts and heat loss. It comes out as a thick liquid and then cures and expands effectively filling in all the spaces. The cavity is pumped with injection foam which does not expand, the R-value of 2 inches of foam is better than 8 inches of any fiber glass. There is more than twice the R-value in spray foam than fiber glass according to thickness. The other characteristic which makes spray foam superior to blown in and other insulations , is it’s ability to stop heat loss through the material. Blown in products often create dust in the home causing asthma problems and allergies. Not to mention that fiber glass is a known carcinogenic. Another serious problem with blown in, is that critters can get into it and build nests. Blown in also settles over time which destroys whatever R-value it has. When you add the droppings, lice, fleas, mold that grows because of the droppings, it’s easy to see the benefits of spray foam insulation.

Known as the no mess insulation solution, it is no wonder that there is no competition when comparing to other types of insulation. There is no headache whatsoever when injecting the foam into metal , siding, stucco or brick. Our experts install injection spray foam into pre-existing homes or new build projects. If you move into a new hoe and start noticing drafty wall, unusually high bills and noisy surroundings, you have to address this situation immediately. The foam we use in pre-existing walls stops the air flow and causes no harm to the interior of your walls but simply fills them up with this fabulous product.

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