Need to insulate your existing walls?

Spray foam Injection insulation is the way to go if you need insulation in existing walls. There’s no need to tear down a in tact wall only to insulate and then rebuild. You can either fill the cavities from the inside of your home, or you can blanket your home by injecting into the outside cavity. Spray foam is the unbeatable choice as it has other properties other than insulation. It also acts as a sound dampener, mold proof and a fire retardant. Spray foam insulation gets into all the nooks and crannies and creates an air seal not achievable by other insulating materials. It has no odour and is hypoallergenic all while sealing up holes and cracks that allow for conditioned air to escape.

The use of spray foam isn’t only limited to walls however, attics, floors and attic spaces can all benefits from spray foam insulation. The way in which you use the spray foam in the attic is dictated by the buildings design. In a traditional vented attic, insulation is normally installed in the floor to insulate the ceiling from seasonal cold or heat. The remainder of the attic is not touched and vented through the vents in the structure of the roof. We want to be your service provider and give you the insulation that you are looking for.

Our product is also an excellent noise dampener, it’s environmentally safe, great for retrofitting or new construction, it doesn’t compress or settle, it can insulate mortar joints and has on thermal degradation.

Best spray foam for existing walls in the GTA


Spray foam insulation is far superior to other insulation material available today. There are many reasons, here are a couple of examples. Firstly the application method, spray foam fills every cavity and cranny and then expands creating a very efficient seal which stops drafts and heat loss. It comes out as a thick liquid and then cures and expands effectively filling in all the spaces. The cavity is pumped with injection foam which does not expand, the R-value of 2 inches of foam is better than 8 inches of any fiber glass. There is more than twice the R-value in spray foam than fiber glass according to thickness. The other characteristic which makes spray foam superior to blown in and other insulations , is it’s ability to stop heat loss through the material. Blown in products often create dust in the home causing asthma problems and allergies. Not to mention that fiber glass is a known carcinogenic. Another serious problem with blown in, is that critters can get into it and build nests. Blown in also settles over time which destroys whatever R-value it has. When you add the droppings, lice, fleas, mold that grows because of the droppings, it’s easy to see the benefits of spray foam insulation.

Known as the no mess insulation solution, it is no wonder that there is no competition when comparing to other types of insulation. There is no headache whatsoever when injecting the foam into metal , siding, stucco or brick. Our experts install injection spray foam into pre-existing homes or new build projects. If you move into a new hoe and start noticing drafty wall, unusually high bills and noisy surroundings, you have to address this situation immediately. The foam we use in pre-existing walls stops the air flow and causes no harm to the interior of your walls but simply fills them up with this fabulous product.

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